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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So this will be my first guitar related posts, as most people it seems like today,I play guitar. I go to lessons on Tuesday and my teacher is a pretty chill guy and is very good at his job. I love playing and if I ever get a better way to record my stuff I would love to share with you guys but anyways I just wanted to share this nice little song with you all.

It's a chill tune for relaxing now that it's summertime and go out and enjoy some sun. :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Help with Ideas

I'd would like this blog to have some sort of overall theme of things to talk about, like a certain subject matter. If anyone would like to pitch some ideas comment below, all ideas will be considered (:


My cousin is having her wedding today, and guess who's been a huge Bridezilla... yep. I will never understand women and how they work. Hoping I have fun at the ceremony, see you guys later.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today I visited my step mother in the hospital, she recently went through breast cancer and was having her boobs rebuilt and something went wrong with the muscle. But anyway I spent an entire day in the hospital with her and the rest of my family. Well that's not so much the point of this post, the point is that I hat hospitals. I really don't know why but I absolutely hate hospitals, even when my own father was hospitalized for a week I only went once, this may sound like a dick move but honestly it's mostly because I hate hospitals. Yeah weird post but wanted to put this out there...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Day at Work

Okay so with today being the first official day of summer for me of course my work is going to schedule me to come in today. First off I had to be in a 10:45 not a bad time but still earlier than I was planning on waking up today. I work for a grocery store called Publix, a fine chain of stores and most days I have no problems. But today just had to be different.
So I get called out to go get carts, normally an okay thing but I had just come in from getting some and it feels like it's 100 degrees outside, I look to see who had asked me to do this and of course it had to be our ghetto weave wearing assistant store manager. Nobody likes this bitch and how her stupid ass herself to assistant store manager I have no clue. I go out and I bring in 6 carts, I get to the front and she's waiting for me because managers have nothing else to do but watch bag boys bring in carts, she asks me how many carts I have I say 6 and then she goes how many are you supposed to bring in and I say 5, now the rule is to bring in 5 carts at a time, but most people including the store manager when he does it bring way more than 5 but only bring them into the store 5-6 at a time.
Then I go to get one more "round" of carts, just to not have to see her ugly weave. I come up with 8-9 carts and she's there of course and asks "what did I just get done telling you" in the most rude way possible, now I'm hot, sweaty, and pissed off this bitch was just asking for it. I tell her you said to bring in 5 carts at a time, and then she goes and how many do you have I say 8-9 and then I try and explain to her I misunderstood I thought you meant to bring in 5 to the store at a time. I then proceed to tell her if everybody only brought in 5 cart there wouldn't be enough for the customers and apparently that set her off.
After that she send to me to the store manager, now I haven't even graduated high school yet but even I know to deal with something this small you don't send a bag boy to go talk to the store manager, he has much more important things do deal with, like perfecting his putt stroke. But he wasn't to happy to see me and have to explain this whole ordeal to him, and just told me to go apologize to the ghetto bitch and it sounded like he was even on my side doing his own share of bringing in 20-30 carts at a his youth. I go back down to apologize and he is already on the phone talking to her about how much a waste of time it was to send me up to him like I'm some sort criminal. But that was my day, how was your guy's days?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to say thanks to my first two comments, I can see my time here is going to be a good one ^.^ !

First Post

Hello, welcome to my blog. This shall be an introductory blog post. My name is Jonathan and this blog is going to be about whatever I want it to be about at the time of writing an entry. I plan on updating this blog at least twice a week to stay tuned(:

So as a part of my first post I would also like to mention Summer Vacation is finally here, time to go myself....because I'm ~forever alone~